Progress Update 2

It has been 3 weeks since my last update. I have implemented some major changes in this time. A summary:

  1. Integration of the new layout engine is complete with our unix code path. It is fully functional and rendering as expected.
  2. Integration is also complete with the Windows code path. All text layout is now done through HarfBuzz on Windows as well. This bypasses the 2 different layout implementations we have on Windows currently: Uniscribe and GDI32. Uniscribe is used for complex text layout while GDI is used for simple layout. But now all types of layout happen through HarfBuzz. I only use some methods of the GDI API for drawing the glyphs to the output device. In the future I would like to switch to DirectWrite which is more suitable for complex text layout.
  3. During the course of my project, I have discovered some bugs in the current rendering. Especially RTL text on Windows which is a mess. The good news is: these bugs do not happen with my layout engine.

That is it for this update. The only remaining platform is OSX which is next.


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